About Me

I am a self-taught artist living in the Suffolk countryside. My inspiration comes from many sources including the area I live and things I see or hear or feel. For me I have to be connected to the work I am creating, so sometimes it might take me a while to finish a painting, but hopefully it is worth it in the end!

I am an artist producing mainly abstract works in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. My abstract works are driven by the emotions I feel at the time a work is being produced and hence can be low key, geometric and precise or very expressive I also paint watercolour landscapes when feeling calm!

My favourite artists also influence my work and they include:

  • David Hockney - you can see his influence in my Splash! series of paintings, and with more subtlety in the colour combinations in some of my abstract works
  • Jackson Pollock - who doesn't like a bit of action painting, where you can let all the emotion out through the way paint is applied to the surface.
  • Bridget Riley - the queen of Op Art in my eyes, I love to play with optical effects in my work and you can see this in works such as Wavy Wall and Blue and Orange Waves.
  • Frank Stella - simple, calm designs that look easy to paint, but are anything but if you want the perfect balance of form, colour and tone.

I am also a huge fan of Melissa Dion Murphy, a young Canadian artist who has taught me a great deal about fluid painting in acrylic, leading to works such as my Nebulous series and The Coral Reef. You can see her work at www.melydartist.com


2022 - Freedom (curated by Ai Weiwei), Southbank Centre, London

2022 - Parallax Art Fair, London